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Touch Point Cleaning

Creating and maintaining a safe working environment for employees, visitors and the public now involves the decontamination of the workplace from viral and bacterial pathogens on a routined and ongoing basis. Minimising and combatting the spread of infection is critical in maintaining normal operations and plans must be put in place to allow for this on a long-term basis.

Reducing transmission of the virus

After carrying out a full risk assessment of the premises and ensuring that we understand the flow of personnel through your business, we can identify where there is a high risk of transmitting infection. This goes beyond Covid-19 and should form a fundamental basis of the cleaning service, reducing workplace illness and cost.

Touch points and high-risk areas are the likely source of pathogens being transmitted within the workplace. They should therefore be sanitised daily to prevent rapid transmission of viruses and bacteria. Using EN14476 certified chemicals (effective against Coronavirus) and the correct materials and processes, ACS provide a clinical standard of cleanliness, not simply a ‘good clean’.

Our Touch Point Cleaning Service

By identifying areas such as light switches, doors, alarm entry panels, handrails, work counters, communal eating spaces, kitchens, washrooms, soft furnishings, vending machines, drinks fountain etc, we are able to compile a checklist for our service to ensure that each area is sanitised effectively. Our cleaning processes and chemicals are non-corrosive and leave no residue on furniture. ACS will agree a cleaning schedule with you, which will cause minimal disruption to your business operations, whist providing the correct frequency of cleaning to establish a safe working environment.

ACS will leave your business as a safe and sterile working environment for your employees and visitors alike. Any potentially infected materials will be taken off-site and disposed of accordingly.