Monitoring of Performance and Auditing

At ACS we believe in a proactive approach to Contract Management and resolving issues and as part of our quality control, we use very effective auditing methods and will always review our findings with you.

Quality Auditing using Electronic Software

As well as working with KPI’s, we ensure our Contract Managers carry out quality auditing using electronic software to log their findings. Our audits are completed monthly, following a walk around with the Client representative. The data is collated, monitored and analysed so that we can see any trends which may be affecting the service and we action changes to any area of the service we feel can be improved.

As a Management tool, we use the IQ timecard (workforce time management) app which is monitored by our administration team on a daily basis, to ensure that our cleaners are fulfilling all contracted hours for our Clients and arriving and leaving within the expected times. The app uses GPS technology to determine the individual’s location upon arrival and provides prompts to the user to ensure correct use. For fire safety and Covid tracking, we also request that our cleaners use a sign in book at each location, where Client notes, diary bookings and alerts can be left for the cleaners, in addition to direct contact. We encourage a commonsense approach and ask our Cleaners to notify Clients directly through these logs, of any noted issues found on site, such as breakages or failures around the building.

Excellent Level of Trained Professionals

Day to day, our cleaners have direct access to their manager by telephone and via their IQ timecard App (workforce management application), where they can post queries, order cleaning stock and request annual leave. There is always at least one Contract Manager on duty within our team, which means that advice is on hand whenever needed and cleaners are not left without direction or assistance.

Our Contract Managers hold (at least) monthly meetings with their cleaning teams to monitor the standard of work and to provide support, additional training and guidance wherever needed. These meetings allow the Contract Manager a chance for face to face interaction with their teams and to identify areas of weakness and strength in each operative. Alongside this, our CM’s will visit to meet with our Clients each fortnight or month (to suit the Clients operational needs) to audit the service we are providing and to ensure that we are managing proactively and in a manner which best supports the Client and cleaning team. These audits are shared to the cleaners on site wherever necessary.

In addition, our Specialist Team form a crucial role in how we successfully manage and support our cleaners. The team provides an excellent level of training, giving ongoing updates and toolbox talks when new equipment or chemicals are introduced. The team provide all our scheduled deep cleans and specialist work for Clients and in doing so, form good working relationships with our on-site cleaners. This allows us to manage from several angles, providing more support to our cleaning teams and Clients, than our competitors in the market.

Our People

At ACS our people are our greatest asset and strength. By treating our staff well, we have a loyal, competent, and high achieving workforce, delivering on our promise of excellence for our Clients. We identify, nurture, train and develop talented people.

ACS operates stringent vetting procedures when employing new personnel, working closely with The Border Agency adhering to the guidelines.

We carefully select our cleaning team via face-to-face interviews and once shortlisted, by a cleaning trial with our specialist cleaning team. Our employees provide four types of ID:

  • Photo ID e.g. passport or identity card
  • Proof of address e.g. bank statement or utility bill from the last 3 months
  • Work Visa (where relevant)
  • A minimum of 2 references
  • Where applicable, employees are required to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Application

An Ethical Employer

Business ethics set standards and establish a value system for how your business will operate.

We care about fair pay, worker rights and the environment. We strive to drive change in the industry, so we focus on raising the standard of living for our workers and engaging with clients who share our core set of values.

We are fully committed to ensuring good working conditions for our employees and engage with them individually to build work schedules which work for their families and outside commitments, whilst allowing them to earn well and build a career. Gone are the days when cleaning was a stop gap job or a position which was to be looked down on. We instil a real sense of pride in our cleaners and build team ethos between our cleaners and management, which provides support, encouragement, and true job satisfaction.

Integrity and consideration run through every aspect of our business. Delivering high standards with a team of valued and happy cleaners lies at the heart of what we do. We invest in our people through fair pay, employment rights, excellent health & safety training and by providing a positive environment to learn and thrive in. We provide regular training, on-going career development and regular performance reviews so our team always feels supported and motivated.

Our ethical code of conduct includes policies on:

  • Equality & diversity
  • Recruitment & training
  • Paying the living wage
  • Modern day slavery
  • Child labour
  • The environment
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