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Electric Fogging – Protect your employees in the workplace

The main objective for businesses and for facilities management, is to create a safe working environment which is decontaminated against viral infections and bacteria on an ongoing basis. ACS have designed a two-stage process aimed at comprehensive workplace decontamination and clinical cleaning to maintain those standards ongoing. These processes are touch point cleaning and electric fogging.

What is Fogging?

Fogging offers fast and comprehensive decontamination of large areas and is the swiftest and most effective means of creating a safe environment. Fogging involves the release of atomised mist which provides 360-degree decontamination of all contagions both on surfaces and within the airspace. This is the most effective method for treating hard-to-reach areas which would otherwise go uncleaned.

Electric fogging is non-corrosive, leaves no residue and causes minimal disruption to daily operations. In normal circumstances, employees can recommence work within one hour.

We can work with you to achieve a safe working environment, free from viral infections and we are able to design a bespoke cleaning package to ensure the ongoing cleanliness and sanitising of your business workplace.

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