Hospital Hygiene Horror Tales Not Fit for 21st Century UK

Evidence of hospital cockroach and mice infestations show the scant regard some still have for the safety of the public.

A Daily Mail Online investigation in recent weeks showing three-quarters of hospital kitchens flouting basic hygiene rules, with nearly a third not properly cleaned is unacceptable.

There can’t be shortcuts when it comes to hygiene, especially where there are ill people fighting for their lives, and certainly not in one of the world’s richest economies.

The MailOnline exclusive obtained copies of reports carried out by environmental health teams under the Freedom of Information Act showed 581 hospitals across Britain are breaking hygiene rules.

The report also found 229 kitchens were dirty, with one hospital having mouse droppings on kitchen shelves.

These findings are purely nothing else more than an endemic failure to treat hygiene with the respect it deserves.

We appreciate the complexities of running hospitals, but like all businesses hygiene is a basic point that has to be covered and with proper training and systems these terrifying tales would not appear.

The trusts involved really need to launch investigations into these mishaps and drill to the root of the problem. They have called on their PR brains to come out with cleverly crafted apologies, but the public can see through this and they need re-assurance.

We at Affordable Cleaning Services applaud the Mail Online for this excellent investigation and all media reports exposing unacceptable hygiene stands because in 2013 Britain this cannot be tolerated.     

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